Wednesday, November 19, 2003

When you have finished, try this senses challenge :


Today, you're going to find a keypal and write to them.

1) First of all, think of what you want to tell your keypal (a short introduction - who you are and what you are interested in) and write it in your weblog.

2) Then go to this site: It's magazine and add a new description (copy it from the description you wrote on your weblog)

3) find a few people you are interested in and...

4) Send them an e-mail (copy the message from your blog) and tell them that you would like to invite them to participate in your weblog.

5) Add them as members . Invite them to your weblog (be sure to add a message telling them who you are)

6) Wait for their reply - answer them. Now you have a new keypal!

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